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Logo Description

The Protestantse Gemeente Delft (PGD) in Delft was established after the union of the Hervormde Gemeente Delft (1529) and the Gereformeerde Gemeente Delft (1897) in September 2014. This union followed the national union of both churches (PKN, May 2004). A new logo for the PGD church in Delft was needed. The new logo design is inspired from the ancient stamps used for the Hervormde Gemeente Delft and Gereformeerde Gemeente Delft, both having a simular image concept. New logo design was finished 2015.

Historical image of the Hervormde Gemeente Delft

Historical image of the Gereformeerde Gemeente Delft

Deliverables by AVD:

Logo design

Graphic specifications (various views and extensions)

Knowledge of AVD:

Logo design

Graphic design

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