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Aircraft Beverage Maker

Ipeco ltd

Product Description

Brewing coffee at 35.000 feet altitude is different from brewing at ground level. Firstly because of different atmospheric circumstances and secondly because of the severe aviation rules that apply to aircraft galley equipment.

Various innovations have been designed and integrated in the new SAROS beverage maker which has the ability to brew 1.5 litres of beverage to 88 ⁰C in under 4 minutes. The beverage maker is flexible to hold different pot sizes by it's innovative docking system.

Deliverables by AVD:

Market Research Airliners (Needs of cabin personel & maintenance departments)

Requirements formulation

Coffee Brewing Research & Testing installation

Cabinet Design Specification

Working Prototype

Knowledge/Experience of AVD:

Integrated Product Design

(market/technology/user-oriented design)

Prototyping & small series manufacturing

Marcel van Schie (Mascal)

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